What’s Your Why?

December 14, 2023

What’s Your Why?
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Some of you may know that I try to watch one TED Talk every day. I take the time at the start of my day to inspire myself to drive toward the next great thing, think, and learn. Today’s recommendation: https://bit.ly/3MgqcnT

Take a minute to watch and think about your definitions of why, how, and what. Here’s my take on Sarana Health:

Why? We believe that we can change the way that people approach their wellness. We believe that the traditional healthcare system regularly fails us and that outside forces control our decisions in ways we never imagined. We believe that we can have a wide-ranging social impact.

How? By raising awareness. By educating. By showing you another way. We help develop an individualized roadmap that puts you in control and guides you toward your optimal outcomes. We assist you in creating a model that allows you to live your best possible life.

What? Sarana Health provides an integrated care program that mixes proven science, knowledge, experience, in-depth root cause analysis, and personalized one-on-one coaching to reach your optimal and measurable levels of health and wellness.

So what is your why?

Posted by James Keppel
Founder and CEO of Sarana Health. 4x Founder. Creator. Builder. Maker of Things. Lover of vinyl.