My Personal Wellness Program

December 6, 2022

My Personal Wellness Program
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I spend a fair amount of time talking about Functional Medicine. I started Sarana Health fully aware that pointing out the benefits over traditional healthcare would be part of the mission, and I went in with eyes wide open. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right??

To start, I’ll frame my reason for launching the company. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with liver disease and was told I would probably need a transplant. The doctor was great, and I had no reason not to believe him or accept his diagnosis and guidance. I decided that a transplant wasn’t in my future, and I went about doing what I needed to do.

I didn’t know it then, but that’s when Sarana Health was born.

When it comes to following the recommended course of treatment, I’ve been told I’m much more compliant than many others, at least in this area of my life (and certainly not in others). That’s a fair observation, but hey, it works for me. I may have made some small sacrifices along the way, but I don’t look at that as a negative. I’m driven by the simple fact that I feel pretty damn good and like it that way.

Here’s one example: My diet has historically been somewhat regimented but not extreme. Would I like to drop 10 pounds to reach my optimal weight of 170-175 pounds? Sure. Could I do it with just some minor adjustments? Absolutely.

There are a few simple guidelines that I have for myself; 80 grams of protein per day (I have a shake nearly every morning, which takes me a whopping 5 minutes to make); several small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals; protein in nearly every meal; fiber in the morning; low sodium and limited sugar; decaf tea with lemon (rarely do I take in ANY caffeine. As I see it, it’s a drug); no alcohol or cannabis. Salmon once a week, a big salad at least once a week, and keep the red meat to a minimum.

As a result of some of these choices, my body has countered with some other challenges. Nothing major, just things to keep an eye on. The point is that any successful wellness program requires monitoring and adjustments. You don’t drive your car for 100k miles and then expect the oil to be in great shape, do you?

For reference, I take some prescription medications for my liver condition under the direction of a hepatologist, and my Functional Medicine doctor has me on several supplements. Again, no significant lifestyle changes required. Take some things when I wake up, and others before I go to bed. There are additional expenses not covered by my health insurance, but I’m willing to take that on for the greater personal good.

This is by no means a perfect plan. Could I improve my nutrition? Could I get back to cycling like a madman to up my cardio? Could I walk more? Yes, yes, and yes.

I write this for just one reason. I hope to communicate that wellness is as much a way of thinking as it is a way of doing. In many cases, you can take control if you want to. All we can do is make recommendations. At the end of the day, the rest is up to you.

And to keep the lawyers off my back here’s a quick disclaimer. This is provided for information only and should not in any way be taken as medical advice. It’s just one man’s opinion. Always consult your healthcare provider(s) before taking any action. I’m not a doctor, but I do play one on TV.

To close, I welcome any input (good and bad) from anyone about my approach. I’m always eager to learn from people who are waaaaaay smarter than I am.

Posted by James Keppel
Founder and CEO of Sarana Health. 4x Founder. Creator. Builder. Maker of Things. Lover of vinyl.